Writing in VHDL, Verilog, or System Verilog to suit the situation at hand, developing firmware from initial concept to final design is a primary focus. Where possible all designs undergo verification using a self-checking testbenches to follows industry best practice.

Previous projects have included design of an HDMI video test setup to test an optical fibre transceiver as part of a joint research project with the University of Southampton; initial development of a Lane Departure Warning System; and work during Industrial Placement with the Electronic Warfare Operation Support team at Selex ES (now: Leonardo).

Digital Signal Processing

University masters level study of: image processing, video processing, audio processing, digital signal processing for communications.

Digital Signal Processing work has included writing image filters from low level operations in MatLab to improve the performance of Canny Edge Detection. This work was assessed as first class.


University masters level study of analogue and digital design of silicon devices at micrometer and nanometer scale.

As part of the Advanced Microelectronics course I have had a chip fabricated at 350nm with my documented designs. The chip includes a Ring Oscilator, Operational Transconductance Amplifier, and a 4 bit Full Adder.


University masters level study of mobile, terrestrial and satellite communications systems and protocols. This covered both system architectures and designs, as well as standards and encoding techniques.

My final project for my Masters was to design a HDMI video test setup to test an optical fibre transceiver as part of a joint research project with the University of Southampton. The design chose to stream HDMI video over optical fibre using FPGAs. In order to design this a strong knowledge of communications standards and how to work within them was established.

Additional Skills

Practical Circuit Skills

Ability to assemble circuits for prototyping using breadboard, veroboard or PCB.

Practical Test

Use of osciloscopes, multimeters, signal generators, and bench power supplies.

Version Management

Use of Git and Github for version management of code or other files.


I am fluent or proficient in:

  • VHDL
  • Verilog
  • SystemVerilog

I am experienced in:

  • TCL
  • HTML
  • C

I am a novice in:

  • CSS
  • Assembly for PIC
  • Python (2.7 or 3.3)
  • Bash / Shell